Amsterdam, 2012
We spent part of Holy Week  2012 in Amsterdam. A cool city with something for everybody.
Made a day-trip to "Keukenhof", the famous tulip & flower plantation.
This is supposed to be a portrait of Beethoven. Needed a bit more growth.
With a bust of Beethoven.
A cute little gal Helga chatted with briefly.
Pancakes are the meal of choice in Holland.
Our hotel was in Harlaam, which also happens to be the former residence of Corrie ten Boom.
Corrie's living room.
The famous Hiding Place. The lady in the center was our tour guide.
Inside the Hiding Place.
The loose board conceals a cubby hole where forged documents were concealed.
The clock in the window would be used to indicate the "all clear" message to resistant sympathizers. An intentional false setting of the clock led to the betrayal of the ten Boom family.
Amsterdam is the center of the bicycle universe.
Dinner at Jamie Oliver's "Fifteen" restaurant. One of the finest restaurants we've ever visited.
The "Fifteen" staff could not have been more friendly and accomodating. They gave us free rein in the kitchen to snoop around. Was a totally cool experienc.
Olan had one of Jaime's famous rissotos.
Helga had a sea-food dish.
Content, stuffed customers
Olan fulfilled a life-long dream by visiting the Anne Frank house. The Anne Frank statue is just a half-block away. Due to security risks no photography AT ALL is allowed in the house.
The bell-tower that Anne frequently refers to in her diary.
Helga took this picture in the lobby, not realizing that even there photography is not allowed. She got an earfull from a worker, but he let us keep the picture. The colored building was where Otto Frank's business was located.
Coffee in the Jewish museum.
Bicycles were often altered in such a fashion to escape confiscation by the NAZIs.
Holocaust school lesson cloth.
Holocaust art.
Typical street scene.
These public urinals are a god-send.
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