Krackau/Auschwitz-Birkenau 2010
Easter Market, Krackau Main Square
Krackau Cathedral, where Pope John Paul II served
Theater Plaza
Old Tower Gate
Tupperware stand at Main Square where I bought a large order of items.
New Tower Gate
Grunwald Statue
Approaching Auschwitz entrance
Inside the Camp
Execution Wall
Auschwitz crematorium
Birkenau Entrance
Birkenau grounds
Following tour group
From gate-tower
Ash pits
Prisoner latrines
View from gate -tower
View towards gate-tower
Entrance to crematorium showers
Water facilities
Birkenau memorial
Crematorium ruins
Would have been a great picture without the services vehicles but I waited almost an hour and they never moved. Pity....
The rear boundary of the camp. Behind is a birch tree grove.
"Birke" is German for birch.
Letter left in barracks
I discovered Coffee Heaven in Krackau. Fabulous coffee but only in eastern Europe.
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