USA 2008
Donna with new Toyota
With niece Geordyn and nephew Zane in Old Town, Albuquerque
With Donna and Aunt Sandra, Albuquerque
Uncle Alvin and Sandra's kitchen, Albuquerque
Gorgeous Max in Alvin & Sandra's back yard.
Unser museum, Albquerque
Ma's dining room, Canyon Lake, TX. With cousin Bernie
Aunt Jerri and Uncle Kelvin.
Best eatin' in the western hemisphere
With the Fullers - Dustin, Makayala, and Paua
Chillin' on the shores of Canyon Lake
Canyon Lake sunset
With Uncle Alvin, Aunt Glenda, and Grandma, Corona NM
Grandma chillin' on the shores of Corona,, Puddle....
With Uncle Lee, Aunt  Patsy
Rebuilding after the forest fire, Red Cloud NM
Gulf of Mexico
Snoopy's Seafood, Corpus Christi TX
Brother Darrell at Deli restaurant, Las Cruces NM
With niece Micki
Andy & Ellen Michnovicz, Las Cruces NM
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